A rewarding community of language lovers

Open-minded people here always help you gladly
You can also help people who are interested in your native language

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Can I use Hibee for free?

Yes, Hibee is always free to use for everyone.

What is a Captain?

Everyone in Hibee is the 'Captain'.
Except for learning the languages you are interested in, each of us could use native language to make contributions and profit from it.

What can the Captain do?

Captains can share moments of life with learners from all over the world via a 1-to-1chatting room in Hibee.
As well as recording dialogues in their native languages and rate&feedback from the learners who imitate the pronunciation and expressions.

How do people use Hibee to make money?

Every user has multiple ways to profit from Hibee.
In addition to receiving gifts from other learners and share the weekly diamond prize pool, you can also earn significant revenue through one-on-one calls online.