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The soy sauce factory manager... I'm Kang Factory Manager. The soybean paste factory manager... It's Jang factory manager. I'll read along.

간장공장 공장장 은 강공장장 이고 된장 공장 공장장 은 장공장장 이다 따라 읽어 볼게요.

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3 years studying
on a foreign language
but a 3-year-old kid
is better than me...

Maybe, 'studying' was the trap.

Thinking about grammar rules
made me dumb when I speak.
Words that memorized painfully
had faded as time passes.
Consequently, I lost interest and gave up.

What's the trick of those babies
who hadn't had
any grammar class?

Dr. Krashen found out
how humans acquire a language.

Read and listen as much as possible
while you try to understand the meaning
then your brain will grasp the 'rule' naturally

A.I. also is made in quite a similar way.
Alphago had input vast historical match data
instead of any Go theory

This method also helped spies.
They could speak so perfectly
that they never get caught by enemies.

Ok, I got it
But where can I found
those materials?

In Hibee, You can find videos
in the language you want to acquire.
You don't have to search around everywhere.

You'll feel no pressure
with 20-seconds short videos.
Watch them repeatedly
while trying to figur out the context.
they'll be imprinted into your eyes and ears.

Persistence is the key.

You get spare time, then watch Hibee.
Don't waste time with junk things.

Now I can speak some sentences
and want to use them.
But I have no foreign friends...

Here's good news
There are lots of native people
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and upload it.
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And it also would be fun
to share different views
with friends from different countries.
While interacting with them,
you'll find your language is improving.

Language learning
is actually fascinating.

And it'll enable
many wonderful things to happen.